Gruyère AOP knives

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Willing to challenge the HEAD–Genève students to reinvent a traditional swiss object, Claudio Colucci approached the well-known swiss brand "Gruyère AOP" to offer them a collaboration which they immediately accepted. The students designed and prototyped their creations within a two weeks workshop of two-step. As a result, 14 beautiful cheese knives and a winning project, designed by Thomas Manil, that has been produced and commercialized by the famous swiss manufacturer, Swiza.

Many congratulations to Fanny Aigroz, Yesmine Ben Ayed, Léa Breysse, Mélissa Café, Lou Chartres, Sarah Durrafourg, Loïc Fankhauser, Lucile Francony, Emilie Heger, Margaux Koch, Alexandre Marin Landry, Bérénice Noël, Florian Wicki & Saya Woo.

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