CLAUDIO & FABIO COLUCCI | Photography by Nicolas Schopfer

Work with us

Knowledge is made to be shared, that's why both Claudio and Fabio have been teaching since 2015. Claudio teaches product & interior design at the HEAD Geneva and Fabio is in charge of the interior design department at IPAC Design Geneva. Both enjoy sharing their passion and helping young designers to acknowledge their own talent.

Education is very important to Claudio & Fabio, because they believe practice is the best way to help their students to be prepared for the challenges they will face in the working world. Therefore, they regularly organize workshops in order to offer them the opportunity to work on concrete projects and uncover their limitless creativity.

But what they enjoy the most is when brands get implied. They believe that working with the craziness of students alongside the experience of an agency is a perfect mix and that it always gives rise to unexpected results. Check out our latest educational projects and reach out if your brand wants to get on the ride.