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The cosmeceuticals Cellcosmet & Cellmen have invited the HEAD Genève to organize a workshop on a single project: the design of a exclusive object to celebrate the 30 years of the two brands. A beautiful encounter between art and cosmetics, aimed to unify the time of a collaboration as unique than original…

During this workshop drivent by Claudio Colucci, the jury was dazzled by Loïc Frankhauser’s sense of aesthetics and outstanding creativity. With his project « Monolith signed Cellcosmet & Cellmen X HEAD Genève », his goal was to design a self-sufficient object that worked by itself thanks to its simplicity and sobriety. He was able to illustrate the brand’s DNA « The Science of Staying Young » with finesse and cleverness. 

Geneva, Switzerland, 2017

Cellap Laboratoire S.A.
Chemin de Budron A2, Le Mont/Lausanne
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