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As the honorary guest of the CERN Les Automnales 2017 show in Geneva, CERN entrusted IPAC Design Geneva for the creation of its booth in collaboration with Colucci Design. This winning project, the result of an international competition, was built especially for the occasion.

By giving a carte blanche, CERN has entrusted not only the creation of the booth but also its scenography. IPAC and CCD invested a space of 1000 m² and imagined a particular staging putting visitors at the heart of the activities of the European Center for Nuclear Research.

The Bachelor of Interior Design students who participated in this project are: Soraya ANCEAUX, Faustine BLAISE, Sindy CAVALLO, Marine GAUD, Claudia MORON FLORES, Tatiana PINNA, Noemie PRIEST, Vladimir REBRIK. Congratulations to them!