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"I wanted this mutable translucent object to be organic, like the human body, similarly when one places an intense light on the skin, revealing its secrets through it. SQUEEZE LAMP is like a living element gradually revealing parts of its corporeality."

The Lamp is made out of a composition of mineral powders and acrylic resin. When turned off, it is a sculptural object, organic and smooth; once turned on, all the decorative elements present in the frame appear through the light. It offers a smooth, luminous glow and atmosphere thanks to its height and an indirect light source which reflects onto the ceiling.

Available in: 90 or 180 or 270 or 360 cm x 45 cm, limited edition to 15 + 2AP.

Developed across China, France, Japan, Switzerland, 2001-2012
Photo© CCD / Nacasa & Partners / Filloux&Filloux