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Hangers are practical objects, but most of the time, are hidden away in closets or wardrobes. Mage Wappa is a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of a hanger that is fully visible and dedicated to visitors; a “Visitor hangers”. The skills and details used in this design refer back to the typical Japanese homes and craftsmanship techniques which are disappearing from houses today in Japan. These references include shoji screen-doors (rice paper in a light wooden frame) and kimono fabrics. The Mage Wappa hanger evokes a touch from the past through its graphic sense of form, materials and lightness of weight.

Collection composed of 6 different model: Kimono / Shoji / Urushi / Ramma / Wappa / Sashiko 24 x 41 x 3 cm, limited edition of 8 + 2AP. 

Japan, 2012
Photo© Nicolas Schopfer