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It was during one of his stays in France that Colucci met Passard. They discovered many affinities and a common passion: the country of the rising sun. The VIBE plate whose name evokes the vibration, symbolizes the meeting of two personalities, the mix of two cultures.

VIBE, is intricately handmade challenging traditional rules and technical feats as it was unheard of to associate mineral polders and resins with the Japanese lacquer. Much more than a showcase for delicious food, this dish is an invitation to travel. Its unusual curves sublimate the table of Arpège and offer a new dimension to Alain Passard menu. Reversible plate made out of a composite of mineral powders and acrylic resin and Japanese lacquer.

27 x 27 x 7 cm

Japan, 2007
Photo© Lucille Reyboz