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Design of the studio and showroom of Corian® China including a unique collection of furniture and products produced by ZAS. This realization was inspired by the concept of Plato's cave; a curvy space which creates animated-like shadows on all walls. In Plato's fictional dialogue, Socrates describes a scenario whereby what people take to be real could in fact be an illusion. He ultimately questions what we think is real isn't necessary what you see but what you learn.

Claudio Colucci lead its fantastic team to work with ZAS to design and build the whole space for CDSB. He perfectly mixed his minimal, dynamic and colorful style with Corian® materials and other LED/lighting technologies, to create a unique, original and contemporary design. With Claudio Colucci’s signature, CDSB becomes an emotional experience to discover. 

Beijing, China, 2015
Photo© Sui