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Adult design furniture for a child, or a toy for adult, the Mini-Dada armchair even oscillates in its definition. Evoking at the same time the movement and spirit of childhood, Mini-Dada plays on this duality.

With a bit of humour and a certain audacity, Mini-Dada sweeps aside the stereotypes of its kind. Under the features of a contemporary drawing, this rocking chair strips the images of the past to reveal only its function: a fluid and purified silhouette, dressed up with bright colours.

Armchair - solid cast - Mini-Dada becomes the accomplice of the child that lingers inside each of us.

Mini Dada, upholstered rocking chair, wood, foam and fabric, 
w 40 x d 58 x h 59 cm.

Ligne Roset, Paris, 2009

Photo© Risaku Suzuki