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The 150 years of existence of the Funeral Service has inspired the DART Association  and curator Simon Lamunière with the idea of an original exhibition in collaboration with the City of Geneva. 

Claudio Colucci as a designer, brings a reflection on street facilities that can be found in cemeteries. This bench « Temps d’interrogations » in the form of a question mark evokes the idea of course, of reflection. The passerby shelters under the question mark, integrates it, but for how long? This work takes the ideas of transition, phase of transition, concepts at the heart of the theme of the cemetery. The question mark comes back to the question of the modern cemetery and its place in today's society.

September 15 to November 30, 2016

Temps d’Interrogations
Bench in Wood and steel
240 x 170 x 230 cm

Coproduction DART-LOM, Geneva
Photos © Xavier Sprungli