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Claudio Colucci invites you to the opening night of heart@geneva 2017 Friday 17 May 2017 to discover 30 artists invited to create a dialogue in emblematic places across Geneva.

Claudio's famous Lov-Star bench has been selected to headline all marketing and communication materials for the 2017 edition of heart@geneva as per the invitation above. The Love-Star bench is a limited edition product designed in 2012 during Claudio's years spent in Asia, made of fibreglass coated in a bronze finish. Claudio Colucci's LOV-STAR will be homed inside the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire  (MAH - Art et History Museum of Geneva)

Rue Charles-Galland, 2
CH-1206 Genève
Bus Stops: 1–3–5–7–8–36; tram 12

heart@geneva art trail dates:
Thursday 18 May - Thursday 31 August 2017